Monday, March 21, 2011

Sun Fat Happiness

Yesterday was so beautiful for a run. I am restricted to shorter distances, but went out anyhow for 2 miles of fun and SUN. I'm so thankful to my oldest son for holding down the fort while the kids napped. And that we have plenty of neighbors that would help them out if the place burned down while I was gone.

Vitamin D deficiencies can be a pain during the long winter months. Not being able to get out doors and get some sun on your skin can make a person down right depressed. That, coupled with an attempt to eat as little fat as possible nearly had me in the nut house.

Our bodies need fat just like they need the sun. The sun on our skin helps our bodies to make Vitamin D, and fat is needed to help us absorb proper nutrients from food including Vitamin D. I, like many people, bought in to the Low Fat Diet. And if low fat is good, then no fat is better, right?


By making a few simple changes, I have really noticed a difference in my overall satisfaction with my day to day doings. I normally go through a big time low every few months and have, thankfully, not seen the signs that it's coming around again.

What did I change? Well, instead of an all egg white and veggie omelet cooked in fat free cooking spray for breakfast, I now have whole eggs and veg cooked in half a teaspoon of real butter. The happiness from the additional taste is nearly enough in itself!

My breakfast does end up being a little higher in calories, but that's okay. So I have a lighter lunch. I started having a Meal Replacement Shake with berries, banana and 2% milk rather than skim. The difference between protein powder and the shake is, in addition to the protein, you get some fiber and some vitamins and minerals and a couple of grams of fat.

Even with these adjustments, I'm still not registering the RDI of fat grams per day. I noticed that I was deficient a few months ago and wondered if that's why I was so dang hungry all the time on a calorie allotment that should be enough. Then, I watched a movie called Fat Head - as entertainment, really. But what I discovered about the current eating habits of human beings in relation to the obesity trend was pretty compelling.

I'll let you do your own research. And don't mis-read me, I am NOT condoning anything resembling the Atkins Diet. All I'm saying is that a diet (which by the way is how and what you eat, not a torturous program for weight loss) has to be sustainable and make you happy if you're going to stick with it.

So after you take a walk out in the sunshine, have a peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole wheat. Sun, fat, happy!

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  1. I always love your posts. Informative, and descriptive. Thanks for the tips! :)