Thursday, February 17, 2011


My kid nearly was truly abused today. You know how young people like to think that they have it so rough at home...well, I 'bout made it all come true for them today.

I knew at 8:30 this morning that our 8yo daughter was making the choice to have a crummy day. she was resistant to getting dressed and stomped up the steps. I largely ignore stuff like this, because it's done to "get my goat." Then she began to bang on the air registers and pretend to cry...that was enough.

At math time she looked at me and said "No" when I told her to do her work. I let her have a couple of minutes to change her mind, and then she ended up in her room until she got it done. After lunch, we got together and she got better.

Her brother on the other hand...

MOUTHY. He's fast approaching the big 1-3 and it shows. I get really incensed when he mocks or rolls his eyes at me. I don't ever demand respect from our children, but I feel that through my love and care for them that I have earned it. Being treated like a moron doesn't bode well.

Went to the Y and had a fight with an elliptical trainer. Those machines are just not my thing. Not being able to run AT ALL is forcing me to try different things to keep my cardio endurance up and ready for my knee to be better. So far, I like the bike. I haven't tried the spin bike yet, but the recumbent bike is fun. I don't have to worry about my rear hurting after a spin on that one.

Have I told you how awesome my husband is?! He stayed home while I went to the Y and then let me get groceries all by myself while he bathed babies. I sometimes have a suffocation feeling - normally I just have to close my eyes and breathe. Today, I was able to actually get away - that was SO needed. I felt selfish taking the time to myself, but I will be a better Momma tomorrow.

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  1. I hope things go better tomorrow! I'm glad you got a little downtime today.