Monday, January 3, 2011

First Day of School

It's 8pm and I'm ready to pack it in for the day! Today was one of the more exhausting and aggravating Mondays in a while. Thankfully, as I was heaving the 3rd load of laundry up the steps, I was reminded that at least my back didn't hurt really bad today! Silver lining and all.

I had dreaded this day. While finishing up lesson plans last night, I could see the handwriting on the wall. Alahnnah hasn't had a full day of school in almost 2 weeks - it was going to be hard to keep her on task.

I picked the wrong kid! Liam was the one that was the issue. He couldn't stay on task, kept bugging his sister, getting out of his seat and talking back to me. He didn't show his work in Math and tried to get away with incomplete sentences in English. At 2pm he put an whole frozen banana in my blender and I snapped. He ended up finishing his work in his room. I haven't graded his Math OR English yet. *fume*

On the upside, I did get most of my Monday work done. Changing sheets, mopping floors, cleaned the bathroom, did 3 loads of laundry, cooked 3 meals and did dishes twice. *huff and puff* I also took down the Christmas tree and put away all the decor.

I had yoga on the schedule for today. I decided to mix it up a little and throw in an old DVD from Jillian Michaels called Yoga Meltdown. What a joke. She tries to put movement and reps into yoga poses. Not such a big deal for chair pose, but when you try to twist in and out of a prayer twist it's just downright dangerous. She doesn't have the demeanor for yoga either. *bark bark bark*

What a waste of time.

Tomorrow will be better! Hubby is home, I have a 5 mile run with a buddy scheduled and I think I'll make home made pizza for lunch. Life is still good!


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  2. Oh bear, I love ya! I'm sorry you had a bad day. I hope tomorrow is a better one. Tomorrow is Tuesday, the best day of the week for you! :)

    Sorry, I was on Nat's acct before, lol!

  3. You need to give yourself credit for all that you do. Your day sounds very successful to me. Sorry your resident nearly-teen was given you trouble. Hope today is better. Love ya!