Friday, December 10, 2010

Difficult Chicken

Happy Friday!!

We go grocery shopping on Fridays 'round here. My dear sweet husband goes with me to help me manage kids and haul and put away. Most times he's the 100% hauler and put-er away-er.

In our continuing efforts to eat the best fuel for our bodies, we had left behind the warehouse type grocery store in favor for one that carries more organic produce and specialty items in the Health Market. In the last few months, our Friday expenditure has been creeping up on $200 - and I don't normally buy any meat. This is not including our mid-week run for milk, eggs, and fruit!

I've been consistently stubborn on the organic/free range/all natural food choices. Sometimes when hubby picks up provisions, he will deviate because it is SO much cheaper. It bothered me just a little. Sort of felt like my efforts were being undermined. Though, really, you can't over think things. The more likely motivation is a) cost, or b) it was most readily available. No malice, just convenience.

Last week, I got a distinct nudge (okay, a shove) about how to cut our expenditures. I felt convicted that my unwillingness to shop anywhere else, was causing undo suffering in our budget. I hate sacrificing organics, but to be quite honest, we just can't afford most of them. Back to the Warehouse Store we go.

The bill came to $160 tonight, and I think we actually got a larger variety of fresh fruits and veggies. I was buying a LOT of frozen veggies due to the shocking price tags at the other store. We are even blessed with 3 different types of meat to eat this week due to some super sale prices. Though - I can't hardly stand buying factory farmed chicken. *shudder*

I did buy organic bananas, free range eggs, and milk from a local dairy. There were a couple of things that we couldn't find (the tortillas we like, the yogurt I eat, the bars hubby takes in his lunch). Overall, I feel okay about it - and I feel like we are being better stewards of our gifted income.

Now comes the part where I trust that we aren't sacrificing good health. When the Lord nudges me, I need to believe that it will work to the good.

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