Friday, December 3, 2010

Crazily Beautiful

Life is Beautiful. I will stay with that assertion despite the past week's issues. It's been difficult - children have been fussy, defiant and mean. It's not been pretty, but it has been beautiful.

By nature, I am somewhat of a high strung person. I'm not fussy about "stuff" but I am someone who appreciates the order and sensibility of things. I thrive on schedules. I am most comfortable when I know what is coming next. Children operate comfortably on the same notion, so we get along. Mostly.

I have one child that is like a hurricane. Strong and unpredictable. Once she gets going, there is no stopping her. We've never had her "diagnosed" so I don't have a medical term for her special needs, but there is definitely something much different about this child, the way she learns, and the way she copes with life.

Her school work is getting harder and is taking more time. We are playing less and less in our learning and using more book work. She has bowed up her back and refused to be promoted. It has been a week or two full of tears, outbursts and punishments.

I have one child that is like a weed. Determined and strong. When he decided he wanted the cup of juice from the counter today, he stretched up on those tiny toes until he touched that tippy cup and it tumbled to the floor.

I've cleaned up milk and juice off the floor a ton of times. It's always a drag. Sticky no matter what, always a splatter or two that I miss. Today was the first time I wrenched my back by doing so.

I have two children who are not "mine." Though, they are cuddled and fed. One was fussy and mostly screaming this week. The other is practicing being a bigger kid and taking things before it is the designated turn to play.

I have one pre-teen that came more into his own this week. Brooding and rolling his eyes. Slamming doors, staying out of site. Complaining for boredom, unwilling to work. I love him and want to poke him with a stick at the same time.

So now I'm insane. My sweet husband is the only person (here at home) who doesn't require me, yet still wants me. He helps me and understands me. He brings home a pizza when I'm to tired or broken to cook. He loves me and hugs me and tells me I'm beautiful when I haven't even been able to put on my makeup that day.

Crazy and in love. Yep, life really IS beautiful.

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