Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cold Running

I was so excited to get back in the running groove. I am in the process of formulating my training plan for the next few months. I'm using a hybrid of Hal Higdon's and the calculator on Runners World, adjusting the days to my schedule. Looks like Tuesday will be "long run" day as long as David's days off are Tuesday and Wednesday. Can't decide if I want a "just finish" goal for the Half, or some sort of time goal. Haven't trained for a serious distance for a couple of years.

Yesterday was crisp and calm, with the temp about 30 degrees. I was dressed warm enough, hat, mittens, layered shirts, tights under my shorts. For some reason, I just hated it! Not sure I waited long enough after lunch, could taste that goulash most of the way. My back injury from Friday had just straightened up enough for activity. I only went 2 miles but my body ached all afternoon like I had done the half marathon!

I guess it takes a while to get back in to the groove. As I get older, the groove gets deeper and deeper! Looking forward to my birthday the end of the month and pondering my fitness after 35. What!? No, I mean 25.

Anyway, Thursday we are expecting warmer temps in the upper 40's. I shall try again. My back has been much better today and I've had 2 nights worth of decent sleep - things will get better for sure!

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