Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bum Knee

Had a nice run today with a gal I met online. She lives here in town and we participate together on a social training site called Dailymile. I figured she was safe...we've communicated via FaceBook as well.

We set out to do 5 miles and boy did time fly! We were both a little surprised when we reached the turn around and headed back. I was telling her about my knee bothering me a little in my last few runs. Normally it resolves pretty quick afterward so I hadn't thought much about it - just the cobwebs blowing out from 60 days of P90X and very little running.

Well, today it didn't just hurt, it HURT. We got to mile 4 and I had to stop and walk. We did really well on those 4 miles - having a friend to chat it up with was nice (even if I did max out my heart rate for a mile or so, oops.) By the time I drove back home, it had tightened up so much that it was hard to get up to the house.

Ice, Ibuprofen, rest, elevation...I'll wear a brace on Thursday for my speed workout. Again. This knee. Next time, the other knee. Maybe my back. My right ankle has been a PIA lately too. *eyeroll*

I am fully open to the possibility that I am NOT going to be able to run longer distances. Through years of being overweight, smoking and substance use I have damaged my bones and joints. I have leached out the calcium and tried to damage the cartilage. It's no wonder that when, five or six years ago, when I decided to start exercising my body said "Huh!?"

I know that there is a sport out there for me. I really enjoy running, but the reasons that I do are ones that could apply to any fitness endeavor. I like the time alone, the sense of accomplishment, the idea of pushing myself to do more. Could I apply this to biking, swimming or weight training? Absolutely.

So, no worries. Above all, I will not feel bad. I may be down, but I will definitely get back up.

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