Tuesday, September 14, 2010

School's a Killer

We started our 3rd week of school, here at the Morton Home School. My 7th and 3rd graders are doing very well at the readin', writtin', and 'rithmetic. I am doing well at keeping up with the grading and the tracking of the hours. I decided that, this year, I have to do it every day for that particular day, no excuses. Well, I plumb forgot yesterday - so I made darn sure to catch it all up today. It's a lot of work...and boy am I wiped out by 9pm (okay by 8pm). It's so worth it, though!

My break from calorie counting is going well. I have "shared ice cream with the baby" more times than normal - however - I believe I am shorting myself during the day due to not really being sure of exactly how many calories are going in. Even with a 90% break from exercise last week, I managed to loose a half a pound. I do weigh myself every day and have still been observing a steady decline.

On Monday, I did a weight lifting DVD that I've attempted many times before. Tony Horton's P90 Masters Series contains a challenging routine entitled Sculpt 5-6. I never knew you could do push ups in so many different ways before this DVD. I've always struggled - but yesterday I completed all the sets! I was so happy with myself and my progress. My chest is pretty sore from pressing my own 100 and some pounds up off the floor so many times...but I think I will do it all over again tomorrow! I like it when I put product in my hair and notice the cut in my bicep. *o*

Ran 2 little miles this morning. Did so with NO pain! I am not a patient person, by nature. God knows this and gives me these periodic challenges to deal with. I have been diligently practicing some specific yoga poses and preforming targeted stretches to deal with an IT Band issue. While it has now been 5 weeks since the onset of this issue, I am now seeing relief! I am grateful to all of my runner friends on Dailymile.com and FaceBook.com for all of their input and experience.

Had Mongolian Beef from the little place up the street for supper tonight. *See first paragraph for explanation*. My sweet husband fixed my plate, and I am happy to report that, as yummy as it was, I only ate half of what was served. I did indulge in 2 crab Rangoon, but I will skip them next time - not very good from that place. Anyway - my kitchen is still clean and I got in a little more play time with Cameron than usual. Well - I sit in one place and he climbs all over me, wiping his nose on my shirt and kissing me with slobbery open mouth.

Ahhh...the perfect evening!

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