Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More to Dislike on Television

We don't have TV channels. Fortunately for us, we don't watch commercials and aren't disgusted and depressed by the nightly news, either. I do feel a bit sorry that I'm missing some quality Seinfeld re-runs, though. It all started when we didn't want to pay for cable. Then the conversion to digital took away PBS (yes, we did install a converter to no avail). Hubby and I decided we weren't missing much.

We do have Netflix, and have purchased a converter that will allow us to watch our "Instant Que" on our television, as well as anything we wish to purchase from Amazon.com. Very convenient. They are continually adding new TV series and movies to the offerings. We have everything from Dr. Who to Spongebob Squarepants in the Queue.

Our 12yo son spotted a new series to add - he's seen it at another person's house and apparently enjoyed it. It's fairly recent and from the History Channel, so I gave it a try.

It's called "Pawn Stars."

Have you seen this?

I think it's repulsive. First, the obvious drama factor of men buying property with another man's money in the hopes of lucrative resale... inarticulate, seemingly impatient men. They holler at each other, call one another names, and should just unzip, grab a ruler and get it over with already. Only, not on camera PLEASE.

My biggest problem with this show is the glamorizing of PAWN SHOPS. To me, a pawn shop is a store full of peoples problems. People usually pawn things to help them out of a jamb, OR the stuff they're pawning is stolen - which is to the pain of another. The proprietor of a pawn shop is a crafty thief. It is he who has all the control. There is NO bartering. He doesn't care why you need the money, only that you do. Whatever you stand in front of him with, he only cares about giving you the least possible amount, so that he can turn around and sell it for twice as much.

This is my experience. My beloved 12 string guitar pawned for rent money, my CD collection pawned for diapers, my leather jacket pawned to pay a light bill. I have never entered or left a pawn shop with a warm fuzzy. I never met a pawn broker that wasn't a shifty sucker. This isn't something you make a TV show out of!!

Or I guess, anymore, it probably is - if you do it "right." In the one episode that I watched, the people coming in to pawn weren't destitute. They brought in stuff that was laying around and they thought they would get some money for. It makes a pawn shop seem like such a funny, quirky, place. Oh...those silly pawn brokers and their quick whit and silver tongues. Gafaw!

GAG. Bad feelings on the show, might as well glorify prostitution or drug dealing. Maybe we could find a hooker with a heart of gold and make a funny, feel-good show out of that! Forget the reasons behind things, America. I know its more important to be entertained. And in between the entertainment, you can be sold on ailments and drugs, vehicles and insurance, beer and chips. Be told what to think, what you should look like, and why you don't have any friends.

Sorry...I had to let this out.


  1. I nominated you for a Blog Award. Check out this post for details: http://rochester-freetobeme.blogspot.com/2010/09/blog-award-blog-with-substance.html

  2. I have never seen the show-- and likely never will due to your post! How appalling!