Monday, August 2, 2010

Living Example

What a great weekend! I am a big believer in having one day per week where you essentially endeavor to do very little. For me that day is Saturday. Now, don't give me that "well, I just have so many responsibilities, I could never take a day off!" I get it. I have 4 kids and a home daycare. Just take a day and do LESS.

I tease my husband, that ante meridiem does not exist on Saturday. He works at 7:30am, so I do get a bit of an eye-roll...*snicker*. Of course I still do dishes, cook meals, help with potty/change diapers, give naps, and pick up toys, but I try not to take on anything extra if I can help it. I also try to play with my children! Yep, filling up the baby pool and sitting there while they play, playing Rain Forrest Animal Match game, or even shredding on Guitar Hero can be incredibly cathartic. I admit, I don't do as much as I should. I'm trying to do better.

Sunday, though was back to the crazy busy life. I was out the door by 6:30 to run 6 miles. I did really well, actually. I had intended only 5 miles, but got to the turn around point and told myself "just a half a mile and you can head home!" I went nice and slow and got a good cardio vascular workout in.

After church and Sunday school, we all came home for some yummy sandwiches. I got my tomatoes, zucchini and peppers tended to, dumped the pool and even read my book for a little bit. The Littles took a nice nap and then we all headed to the pool at our friendly YMCA.

As we walked out the door - I said to my husband "Gee, I know what we should do! Drag FOUR KIDS to the swimming pool, yay!" Somehow when you say it out loud it sounds ten tons of cra-zy. But taking everyone to the Y is building a good foundation for them. If they learn that the gym is a fun place where they like to go - that will translate to a healthy adult life. That is our prayer, anyway.

All had a blast, Susan learned to put her face in the water and open her eyes, Alahnnah went down the water slide about 50 times, and Liam helped us keep a watch on Cameron aka Danger Mouse. It was nice to spend time as a family.

Back at home, the kids endured yet another meatless meal. I had cut and boiled some potatoes which I then tossed in a pan with some EVOO, chopped onion and garlic. Cooked over high heat till some crispiness formed, I then topped them with a little shredded 2% cheddar cheese. Those were a treat alongside fresh zucchini sticks with light ranch, and fresh herb salad with garden tomatoes.

My husband mused at the meal we were consuming, stating he didn't know to many people that eat like that. Yep. Probably. I'm okay with it - we're weird. Our kids are weird. And hopefully, through our example, they will all live a long-happy-healthy life!


  1. Tell your dh that the Blue-eyed Farmer doesn't mind roasted veggies as a main course from time to time. We also have chef salads alot in the summer (not quite meatless, but less than our usual meals). And we occasionally like Morning Star Farms meatless portions. If a beef-farmer can eat that way, anyone can!

  2. Well, that's for sure, Kay! I'm going to mention that the next time a woman tells me her DH would NEVER eat a vegetarian meal.