Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Home School and Head Injuries

Since my disgusting blister post I have run 10 miles and that toe doesn't seem to be getting any worse. I did put a band-aid on it for my 7 miler on Sunday, but left it off - to no adverse reaction - on my 3 mile run this morning.

I can safely say that this morning was the HOTTEST weather I have ever run in. It was 87 degrees and pretty muggy. It sorta felt like running through warm water with a hair dryer in your face on low. That first mile was all about my body refusing to cooperate. I brought hydration with me and fought the first 15 minutes not to drink the whole thing. After I got into the groove, swished some water around my mouth and relaxed - I was able to finish.

Monday's weigh in brought another milestone - my BMI puts me in the "overweight" category as opposed to "obese". Only took me an entire year and 53lbs, but I did it! Only 29lbs to go til I'm not overweight anymore! Twenty-nine pounds! Dude...I can DO that!!

Okay, enough with the mega-exclamation point usage.

I've decided that keeping our youngest child safe from physical injury might be another weight loss tool. Cameron is 15 months old and like a tornado. He runs everywhere, most times on his tippy toes. He can climb, unassisted, up onto the couch, rocking chair, bed, kitchen chair and thus - the kitchen table. He is tall enough to pull the dishrag off the kitchen counter and can almost reach the doorknobs.


I spend much of my time pulling the kid down from various venues. Thankfully, my little daycare boy of the same age is a bit on the solid side and isn't climbing quite yet...he was my one that was full on walking at 10mo old. Aw...now I'm getting all choked up - that little dude is leaving in November when he turns 18mo. He is going to the local Montessori School with his big sis. I've had him since he was 3mo old. Time flies.

Gearing the kids up for school to start. Reason #235 that I love home schooling - I can ease them back in to the routine. Three weeks ago we restarted the library trips and the mandatory daily reading. This week, I will have them each do one day on the Typing Instructor program and the Rosetta Stone program. They love being on the computer, so it's no fight at all.

I've been successful in getting about 6wks of lesson plans in the computer ready to be printed for them on a daily basis. I am still fiddling around with Alahnnah's Language Arts stuff - but that's going to work against me no matter what I do. She is not an easy child to school - she is bright and bores easily. She knows that I can't MAKE her read something and will sit and stare at the page. I'm going to try to go easy on her and let her do some plays and research on the authors and artwork to go with a recent story. Once a month ought to help her to have something to look forward to. Oh - and I decided that I won't make her read on Fridays so long as she completes her work the rest of the week.

I hope this all works! I praise God that I made it through last year...this year HAS to be easier. Last August I had a 3mo old baby of my own, 2 brand new FT daycare kids (ages 3mo and 17mo) and was home schooling for the first time. If I lived through that, I can live through anything!

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