Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday I'm in Love!

What a week! Our last week before school starts and somehow I managed to straight wear myself out!! I decided, after pouting and re-claiming some poundage last week, that I WILL lose 10lbs by October 1st. I have lifted, stepped, ran, squatted, and pushed every which way each morning this week. If Senor Scale is being a truthful bear, I'm right on track to get there. Official weigh in on Monday.

Last night I went to a dieters doom...dinner out at a fancy little bistro with a good friend. Fancy little bistro wants you to eat, good friend likes you no matter what, mind must choose good or evil food!! I ended up with a cup of French Onion soup (all gone!) which came with a croissant (had one bite), a nice salad with a whoop-de-do garnish of fried cheese (ate about half of that), Candied Walnut Salmon over Spinach and Wild Rice (took on all but the last few bites of that), and a chocolate dessert (umm...okay...ate it all and licked the plate). I tried to figure it up when I got home and ended up about 300kcal over for the day. Had I left the dessert, I would have been golden.

I had intended to get up and "punish" those extra calories out of my system this morning. However, last night when I set my alarm, it informed me that "The alarm is set for 6 hours and 29 minutes from now." NOT enough sleep for this white girl. I'm so glad I opted for that extra hour of sleep. I still feel wrecked this morning. I was up late talking to my sweet husband - WAY worth it!

The house probably won't get picked up today - we will likely have Pb&J for lunch - might let the kids watch a movie this afternoon...heck maybe one this morning too! That's the beauty of working from home...if I'm not feeling up to par, I can scale back. Tomorrow is a new day and I get to try it all over again. Maybe I'll play Barbies and blocks today! I already built a fort, but I had to do dishes instead of playing in it this morning.

Oh - here's the song that is stuck in my head today.

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