Friday, August 13, 2010

Fall Please

I've been shopping online. For jackets and hats to run in. It's my "dream self" trying to convince my "reality self" that this oppressively hot summer will actually end. It's been over 100 degrees on the heat index most days this month. I'm tired of all my tank tops and shorts, lugging water on even the short runs and dripping with sweat 15 minutes into my run.

Wahhh!! Summer time running can be a bear. However, it helps me get stronger. I've noticed lately that my times have gotten significantly faster each week. I had resigned myself to the fact that I was "just no good at running." The founder of the New York City Marathon, Fred Lebow, was not a fast runner. He ran and promoted running because he loved it, he believed in it - from the beginning. I may never be any good at it, but I won't quit. I think that "won't quit" attitude is what will prevail.

Wishing to buy some cute little tights to go under my shorts, scoping out a new Mizuno jacket with a pretty purple filigree on the side...dreaming of the days when I go out in the morning and feel a little nip at my nose. You know how the membranes in your nose freeze when you inhale through your nose in subzero air? Yah...that's what I want.

Even if I'm not fast by spring. Even if I have to walk some of that Marathon. Even if I get hurt again. I won't quit running. I love it and it keeps me sane.

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