Friday, July 9, 2010

The Hives and a Fat Lip

Despite the title of this post, today was a better day. Liam mowed the front yard and cleaned the floors in the living room. Alahnnah cleaned up the dishes and played nicely with her sister. There was a marked reduction in the fighting between the two older kids.


I think my leg may have turned a corner. Albeit a very W-I-D-E turn. I was in a great deal of pain this morning. Stabbing versus the normal burning and elevation was not helping. As the day wore on the pain has subsided. I even went in the play room and got some dog pile time with The Littles.

I had a few hives this morning in the cricks of my arms. I was afraid it was going to get bad like it did last summer. I had to go get a shot at the ER to calm it down. It was HORRIBLE. All over my face, the tops of my thighs were just cherry red because they all ran together. Nursing a baby when you have hives really stinks. FYI.

I thought I had escaped a bad bout as the few that I had were all gone by lunch time. Nope. This evening I had a little itch on my arm, then on my back...stupid Bactrim. I took some Benedryl to ease symptoms, but that's about all you can do.

Cameron was so cute tonight. He went in his room and reached his chubby little hand waaay into the crib through the bars and grabbed his blankie. He walked around with it around him. He laid down on the floor and hugged and rolled with it. He put it over his head and walked around with it like a little blue ghostie...

And then he fell down and busted his lip. Boo! Dis-Like! Poor kid. He was just having fun and it all went to heck. I gave him some Tylenol and tried to clean it up. Its just up under the top lip. He wouldn't let me really look at it - but it quit bleeding quickly so I think it's okay. I almost cried a little FOR him, but I guess by the 4th baby I'm confident that he will recover quicker than I will.

Mark it on the calendar and stay tuned for pictures...Cameron's First Fat Lip.

Man...I can't wait 'til I can start training again...I need something else to think (complain) about!

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