Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Independence Day

Wow...that's a honkin' word. In-de-pen-dence...whew!

I bet you were thinking that I might write something thoughtful about that word and what it means to me.


I'm not feeling very "deep" right now. The good news is - it's after 1am and the neighborhood is blissfully quiet! The bad news is - it's after 1am and I'm up to experience it.

I got up to take some drugs because my leg is killing me (can't even have the sheet on it). The pill got stuck in my throat so I opened a package of crackers and sat down with the new Runners World. Then I got to thinking about our newest challenge on and how I hadn't finalized the team assignments yet - the challenge starts tomorrow - eek!

Anyway, did that and remembered that I missed writing these last few days. I feel like SUCH a whiner I don't even want to put my thoughts down. Trying to stay positive.

Tomorrow I am going to bring some weights up from the basement and get cracking on some upper body moves. I can't stand any pressure or weight on my leg so I will have to do them here in this seat. I might try some Girl Pushups as my calf would be in the correct positioning for pain reduction. Here's what I was thinking for workouts tomorrow:

Hammer Curls
Bent Over Rows
Triceps Kickbacks
Military Press
Chest Press and Flys (IF laying down on the floor isn't to bad)
Girl Pushups

If I can do 15 of each, maybe 3 or 4 times tomorrow - it might be better than the NOTHING that has been my workout routine for the last week. I will bet once I get going, I will get pretty inventive and remember lots of moves from the multitude of workout videos I've done over the years!

I received a wonderful e-mail from a family at church who wants to help out by bringing supper to the house tomorrow. I'm getting pretty stressed out because of being largely incapacitated and unable to really cook or clean anything. This will help out - ease my mind and be one less thing to worry about.

Leaving me to concentrate on getting better.

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