Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hitting the Ground Running

Back from vacation - what a fantastic journey! Drove 2,500mi round trip and not so much as a flat tire. Thank you Lord! Here's a link to the pictures I took.

My goal was to continue on my exercise regime and track my calories and LOSE weight on vacation. Well, life has different plans sometimes. I ended up getting a terrible cold and losing my voice for much of the trip. I didn't feel especially ill, but couldn't talk, coughed a lot and had a hard time catching my breath. Combine that with some pasta and 2 nights of ice cream and there you have it...up half a pound.

Fortunately, this week is a test of my endurance and will likely help me to counter last week. Our church's Vacation Bible School is this week. I am playing a costumed character in a couple of skits and have also decided that I should hang out in the music room. They are doing some neat moves along with the singing that looks nearly like an aerobics class.

Can you say calorie burn?

I ran Sunday, did a 45min weight lifting DVD on Monday, and ran yesterday. Today is supposed to be my "big calorie" day in my calorie cycle (1700, 1400, 2000 repeat) but I'm going to cut it by 200. All of this combined and I am hoping to loose the pound I should have lost last week, plus the one from this week.

High Five! Woohoo!! I can do it!!!

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