Thursday, May 20, 2010

Life is Like That

After flying high on the week that nothing could poo-poo on, today I got the mother "load". Suffice it to say that my shockingly adorable nearly 3 year old made nap time a no-go for the other kids. She fussed, she had "to potty" about 14 times, and in the end - she won.

What 'cha gonna do? At 3 she doesn't understand long term consequences. Threatening her with not watching TV in the afternoon is about like telling her she can't go to her Senior Prom. I can't put her in time out when she won't lay down, that's what she wants - to get up. It's really just a mess when she does this - her 1yr old brother can't get HIS nap and that just makes for a poopy time all around.

So. On to the Y tonight for swim lessons. Of course, being home schooled, our children have ample time to pack their bags and make sure they have everything they need for lessons. Including their suits. I reminded them both several times today.

Of course, we get to the Y (20 minutes to the south edge of town) and walk in and Alahnnah realizes that she forgot her suit. You know that beast in the Lord of the Rings movies that has the horrible screeching sound? Here - in case you don't:

Yes, that's what it sounded like. For 20 minutes. We had arrived a bit early (not early enough to have time to turn around and drive home to get her suit!) so we sat in one of the rec areas while she threw a hysterical crying FIT.

People were staring, I was trying to periodically say things like "I'm sorry that your are disappointed" etc. I was SO embarrassed by her behavior and a little fearful that someone might call the police. Yeah, it was THAT bad. I even had to move away from her. I felt like my chest was going to explode from the stress.

I took her to the child care (went back and checked on her through the window) and she got over it. I managed to pound out 3 miles on the treadmill in the Workout Room From Hades. Shew, people, cool that place for corn's sake! It's SO hot up there I can't hardly breathe. So, all of that combined with the insentient coughing I've been doing made my pace time suck wind.

Glad it's all over and everyone is in one piece. Tomorrow is Friday, I only have ONE daycare kid, and I think that maybe the sun might shine for a change. I might make it!

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