Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Comfort of Zero

Yesterday's weigh in left me feeling a little deflated. Though, since I'm an every day weigher, I knew what was coming. That scale had been at a standstill all week long. I ran, I climbed, I lifted, squatted, curled and pressed. I ate my protein, said no to most things naughty and still the scale sat still.

I was stressed. Way. I feel like last week was probably the most worked up I had been in a long time. Just lots of things going on, busy busy busy, and nothing - it seemed - was either a. controllable by me, or b. going off without a hitch. I totally wigged out over a couple of these and even cried...twice.

All that is behind me. I'm continuing to workout really hard and eat well within my guidelines. I'm shooting for more protein and trying to get 100g per day. It take a little effort, but isn't much above the RDI for a sedentary person (.8 x weight in kg = 65). I don't remotely consider myself sedentary so I upped it just a scosch.

Here's a Cool Calculator that figures all sorts of things for you, water you need, protein requirements, etc.


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