Monday, February 22, 2010

This is a Test

Another weigh in - another one stinkin' pound down. I'm tellin' ya - this slow path is getting me down. I REALLY didn't want it to take a year to loose all this weight. I was thinking by June when we go on vacation would be nice.

But progress is progress, nonetheless.

Another HORRIBLE day with our 7yr old DD. It took her nearly 2 hours to complete a 20 question chapter test. She had done so well on the chapter that we had actually skipped some overly redundant practice last week. She knows the material, she just refused to do the work.

After crying, bargaining, and straight out refusal, she handed me her test. She had chewed pieces out of it, poked holes in it with her pencil, crumpled it up, flattened it out again, used 3 different media to pen her answers and cried tears on it.


She scored a 90% - only missed two. Little fart.

Tomorrow is little boy's 9mo check up. Can't wait to see what he weighs. He ate more for lunch than our 2yr old. Seven Portabello filled raviolis and a bunch of green peas. Wow! He just loves regular food. I pop it in the food mill and grind it up - he eats anything and everything.

Done with my big mug o' green tea. Done with my grocery price spreadsheet. Sent out a couple of checks today. Kitchen's cleaned up. Grabbed some groceries, made a good supper. Didn't scream at Alahnnah today.

Guess I did okay.

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