Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Days

Hooray for the day in honor of all thing mooshy - gooshy! My dear sweet David brought home some flowers for me and we got each other cards. I hear tell there is a new frying pan coming in the mail as well. Yes - I asked for a new frying pan for Valentine's Day.

I had long ago set a goal to get my wedding ring back on by today. Last night I slipped it on with no problems! Yay! Um...I can't get it off now, but hey - it's on again and that's where it will stay. I'm sure it will just get looser and looser. It's not cutting off the circulation or anything - so it's okay.

Today we ventured out to eat for the first time in about 6 weeks. Anything but Subway is a crap shoot when it comes to counting calories. We went to Golden Corral, ie. The Trough. I did really well - had a salad with some grilled chicken on it, a little rice, ONE onion ring, skipped the rolls, skipped the taco bar, skipped the yummydelicious mashed potatoes. I did have dessert, but I kept it very small and shared it with Cameron...hey, he ate a ton of it. ;)

I tried to force a nap for all "by Decree of the Queen" but it didn't work out. I did a brisk 40min walk at a good incline for my exercise today. Yesterday I ran and worked uber-hard so I decided on an easier day today. I'm hoping for a good weigh in tomorrow. I am sooo close to that next "decade" of numbers - t'would be a shame to miss it!!

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