Saturday, February 13, 2010

Can't Like It

Our 2.5 year old has a saying that encompasses her overarching disdain for many things.

Can't like it.

Susan, eat your supper. Can't like it. Su - put your jammies on. Can't like it. Susan, do you need to use the potty?? Can't like it.

This got me thinking about certain diet foods that I just CAN'T like. I've tried. I've wasted money trying to cut calories in the oh so very wrong places. Here are a few of the diet foods that I just can't like.

- Fat free mayo. May as well spread glue on your sandwich.
- Fat free cheese. A little frightening that it doesn't melt. Looks (and tastes) like plastic.
- Fat free cottage cheese. Curds and whey, sort of. More like chunks and glue.
- Rice cakes. I have tried the ones with the microscopic chocolate chips and the ones dusted with cheese, sprayed with sugar - can't do it.

For all of my previous dislike for fat free dairy, I do enjoy skim or nonfat milk. When we run out and I have to use 2% I can really tell the difference. I can handle low fat cheeses and dairy, mayo, etc. But the nonfat stuff is icky.

I would rather have 1/2 a serving of lowfat cheese than a full serving of the nonfat kind. But that's just me.

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