Monday, January 18, 2010

Cameron Says "No Thank You"

The last week has been to busy for blogging. I started cultivating a nice infection on Sunday and by Monday had full blown mastitis. I even had DH stay home from work to help me with the children. I was one sick puppy!

My weightloss last week came out at -3.8lbs. Oooh, just shy of 4! I was pretty surprised to post a big loss again. That's almost 7lbs for January - only 3 to go for my 10lbs per month goal! I only got to exercise 1 day last week, but I counted every little itty bitty calorie. Sticking to 1800, still. It sounds like a lot compared to most of the ladies on the weight loss boards, but I guess I burn a lot. Whatever works!

Back to the subject of my difficulty last week. This was the second HUGE pain and in this area in the last month. I suffered with some terrible scabbing a couple of weeks ago that made me want to *scream* every time I fed him. He has 4 teeth and nearly chews through a feeding. All things considered, I decided to try some formula in a bottle for him.

He isn't taking it very well. Not really at all.

I discovered that he didn't like baby food. I was throwing away more than he was eating most of the time. I decided to just start squishing up table food, giving him yogurt, bananas, and other fresh items. He likes it and eats like a champ!

But a big "no thank you" to the bottle.

I guess I'll keep trying. If it takes long enough, he'll be a year old anyway and moving on to a Jersey Cow rather than a Lincoln one. And maybe by then I'll be a Skinny Cow!

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