Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gifts for Mamma

What a fantastic day of blessings! In this pre-Christmas week, it seems that generosity is the buzzword. Giving is great, but giving with thoughtfulness is truly admirable.

At church on Sunday there was a package with my name on it and no "from" tag. Inside was three large bottles of product from Bath and Body Works. Shower gel, lotion, and scented spray. To top it off, the scent is absolutely perfect! It's a woodsy, natural, patuli type scent. I love it so much I sure wish I could thank whomever decided that I needed a gift!

Then this morning, Sweetie Boy's Mommy brought me a gift. Inside was a lovely ornament with SB's picture, a Christmas card with both of their little mugs and a Shopko gift card. The amount was extremely generous and I just appreciate it SO very much. I'm not used to having a whole lot of disposable money to use on myself - Sweetie Boy's Mommy is pretty intuitive and apparently loves her daycare lady!!

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