Thursday, December 11, 2008

Things that Crack Me Up

I love to laugh. I really love stand-up comedy and there is still alot of good stand up out there, even if you can't stomach the F word used every other minute - Chonda Pierce makes me laugh, Anita Renfroe is a crazy woman, and of course the classics - Bill Cosby (before the "show" days), okay, okay, I'll even cop to liking the recently deceased George Carlin. It seems I am partial to sarcasm...

So - here goes, things that crack me up:

1. Scrubs - this is a TV show that I am (un)fortunate enough to see in syndication on channel 10 before the kids get home. Some of it is really stupid and most is wholly inappropriate, but who can keep from laughing when Dr. Cox is chewing out "Newbie" and then takes off his gloves and shoots them at his head, huh?

2. - this website is devoted to reviews on frozen microwavable foods. Click on the 0 stars and 1 star reviews to see true biting sarcasm in action... "Hot Pockets should be renamed Scald Pockets due to their lavalike content being hotter than satan's armpits!" - yah, yah, call me juvenile, Abi cracks me up.

3. Anything that has to do with the pitfalls of the over 30 pregnant physique. Folks, there is nothing to do but laugh at things like a pumpkin belly, a pomegranate butt and the lack of gumption to maintain preventative measures.

4. Dom DeLuise as Urgo on the Episode of Startgate SG-1 in Season 3 titled "Urgo". I guess you have to watch it to get it - but imagine a bald squat fat man acting the part of a bored child "C'mon guys, tell me the whole planet isn't this boring...NOT the whole planet!"

5. Bill Cosby Himself - 1983. Look it up on You Tube here's a start

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