Sunday, December 14, 2008

Blessed Again Today

It is now 3 degrees here in the lovely state of Nebraska. No, no, I thank you for the suggestion, but I really didn't forget a number when I typed that first sentence - really, 3 - just 3. They say that there's some wind chill factor in there making the "real feel" a chilly 19 below due to some fantastic wintry winds, but I don't buy it. Can my face "really feel" the difference between 3 and minus 19?

Fortunate for me I don't have to stay out there long enough to find out!

We had another fantastic Sunday today. The kids sang at church, I got to be in the Nursery and chat with a new acquaintance, Sunday school was a blast, I was able to get some groceries and we got to go to a fantastic Christmas party. All said, a great day - Oh yeah AND I didn't have to cook or wash dishes today, so woohoo!

But back to the cold... Even the coat I was wearing was crackling and acting frozen by the time we got in the car after the party tonight. My family and I all have the luxury of coats, hats and gloves as we hopped into a nice warm van to make the trek back across town. As we drove back home I got to thinking how absolutely horrible it would be to be homeless tonight.

No time is a good time to be homeless. But truly this has to be the worst. I can't imagine having to find somewhere, anywhere, that would be adequate to sleep when it's 3 degrees. This is the weather when digits are lost and ends of noses are quite literally nipped off.

I don't know. Sometimes I get intimidated by others this time of year. I see lots of beautiful decorations and feel pressure to buy lots of gifts. I get confused and start to feel ungrateful for the gifts we were able to buy and our darling little Charlie Brown tree. Thinking about how blessed we are to be warm and fed is how I deal and how God helps me keep his Son in sight this time of year instead of being wowed by all the pretty lights.

Yeah, a pretty good day indeed.

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  1. Last week I was downtown with the kids and we saw several men on various street corners looking down and out. I've been thinking a lot about this same subject the last few days as the temp has dropped. I'm sure the City Mission is well beyond full this time of year and where do you go on a night like this when home is the streets? Makes me sad and grateful at the same time.