Sunday, November 23, 2008


This morning we taught our little Sunday school class on the continuing story of the Exodus. Last week we talked about God parting the Red Sea, this week we were on to God providing in the desert.

Kids are so great. They really have a fantastic little outlooks on life. We started the class by using our artistic skills to draw pictures of what the kids told us were things that God provides. There was rain and food, family and church, video games and money. They got pretty detailed and enjoyed seeing Dave and I draw on the board.

Then we asked them to choose which ones were needs as opposed to wants. It was interesting the perspective that these kids already have. They know that money is needed, but understand that you don't necessarily need lots and lots of it. They understand that you need a safe, warm home - but know that you don't need the biggest house on the block.

It was a nice time to plant the seed of contentment in their little hearts. Lots and lots of people rush around day and night trying to make lots and lots of money for that super-duper house, and that really neat car. They sacrifice time at church, Bible studies, social functions, family time and just plain old down time chasing after something or to "give their kids what they never had".

Maybe I'm dumb - but I'm pretty happy with my 100 year old house and my 10 year old car. I have a good amount of clothes and so do the kids (most bought on eBay or from consignment). We don't eat out - okay, sometimes I just have to have a McDonald's biscuit - and don't have cable TV. I like watching TV, don't misunderstand I'm a child of the 80's, I just can't afford it...mentally or socially.

I really think it's important to at least put that out there for the kids. In a world of excess (in all things) I like being able to talk about needs vs. wants and letting them know that it's okay not to have the biggest and newest stuff. It's not a popular view, but one that I think is really important.

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