Thursday, October 16, 2008


Well, today I just haven't felt like eating right. I have a good dinner planned, a Moraccan Vegetable Stew over Whole Wheat Couscous. But at this point I need someone to help me clear my arteries out first.

It all started this morning when we didn't have any eggs. Normally, I make a couple of scrambled eggs in a whole wheat tortilla with a little salsa. It's a great breakfast that keeps me going until lunch time. We were out of milk as well, so cereal was out of the question. And...I ate my weight in peanut butter the night before. So...

I ended up at McDonalds for breakfast. Yuck. The last time I was pregnant, McD's was the ticket for my morning sickness cure. This time it's not working. About the time I realized that the undercooked hash brown was doing me more harm than good, I also realized that I forgot my lunch on the kitchen counter.

Which brings me to the Whopper. I can't say the last time I have consumed an entire Whopper sandwich. I am fully aware that it is nearly 800 calories and even without cheese provides triple my daily saturated fat allowance. But today I ate the whole thing. Not the Whopper Jr, no my friend the real deal - with fries, king sized.

Now I'm sipping on the most enormous soda pop on the planet and apologizing to myself and my youngest child for putting us through that. Man did it taste good though. Something about that mayo/ketchup combo mixed with the pickle that just tastes SO good. Dinner this week has sort of been an experiment and to be honest I'm sick of eating good for you food that doesn't taste good.

The fried tofu last night was the last straw - I needed a Whopper to wash my mouth out.

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