Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just Asking for It

I hate to say this about myself, but I like to fight. Nothing satisfies that sinful urge to bicker like a good debate over something really volitile like abortion or the election, or spanking children, or home schooling or vegetarianism, or Christmas. Christmas?

I have been showing my claws a little lately. And much like a cat that can't decide if they are being stroked the right or wrong way, those talons have been out and retracted so much I just want to let loose.

In the last 5 years I have done a complete and total 180. I accepted Chirst as my Lord in 2005 and then my whole world got blasted into a million pieces and slung out into the stratosphere where I am now using The Guidebook to find each piece and put it where God intended it to be.

This is a process that has caused much a raised eyebrow to the people that have known me all this time - and before. My Mom isn't real sure what to say to me sometimes and sometimes she is sure that she needs to intervene.

So that brings me back to Christmas. I used to hate Christmas for entirely different reasons. I was poor and single and couldn't afford to do what is required by society for the season. I ended up standing in charity lines freezing my ass off to get a chance at some discounted toys with money in hand from a well meaning realative.

People talk about a personal relationship with Christ. Since I honestly have endeavored on this I truly feel like my personal friend, Jesus Christ, is extremely saddened to see us (and especially Christ followers) buy into the best marketed lie that Satan has ever perpetuated.

The "All I Want for Christmas" Lie.

Now let me stop some of you right there. The wisemen of the Gospel did NOT give gifts to Christ on his birthday. It was 2+ years before they even found the kid and they brought him the stuff then. Besides - if you want to subscribe to that notion as a reason for the material excess - then you should be down at the Mission and the Crisis Pregnancy Center and the Church giving them your money for Christmas.

Sigh.... See what I mean. Always out to pick a fight. I was convicted this morning of my sinfulness. I had received an email from my Mom calling me out on some rude comments I made. My first reaction was "Well, it's true! Why should I mince words and keep taking the hit?"

So I read that email at 5 when I opened my eyes, I went downstairs and did my miles for the day while watching Dr. Who and continued feeling sinfully indignant. Then something happened. While I was getting all prettified for work - I was reminded that Christ took hit after hit after hit for me and never said a word. Ouch.

And while I hold fast to the ideal that Christmas should be more about one special gift to symbolize the gift to the world that is our Saviour - I don't need to be mean about it.

Afterall - there is only One's who's approval I seek. Only One who I will need to answer to. Only One who I will need to justify myself before. And He sees how I act and what I do to defend Him, and was likely very dissapointed with me of late.

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