Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Buttons Down the Front

This morning I had one of my classic bouts with exhaustion. I went to bed plenty early last night - but this week I have really expended extra energy with deep house cleaning and home made food (mmmm pasta and fresh gargonzola sauce!). I got up to walk and pulled down the treadmill and bent over to grab my shoes when I just felt really dizzy. Getting up at 5 is hard sometimes so I normally just push through it - but today it was clear I needed to go back to bed.

So blessed be the digital age where I can just open up my laptop and send an email to the people that need to know at my work. I went back to bed and was awakened by the sweet sound of a 16 month old jumping up and down in her crib literally squealing "Hiiiiiii!!!".

It was really nice to make breakfast for the kids (oatmeal with real maple and dark brown sugar!) and see them off to school. I braided Alahnnah's hair for her and got to pick what Susan wore today. Daddy does fine, but opts for the sweatpants and the onesie most of the time. I chose one of the cute little one piece outfits in the newest box from eBay.

A one piece outfit for a toddler snaps all the way down the front and under each leg to make it easier to change thier diaper. Long about mid afternoon, Susan realized that she could unbutton herself.

I was on the phone with a good friend that I haven't talked to in a looong time when I noticed her doing it. Aww, that's so cute! Then I was talking a bit longer and hear the tape on her diaper go Riiip. So then I have a naked toddler screaming while I redress her.

We did this several more times. I wondered if I shouldn't just change her clothes but a part of me wanted to win. Just like when you redirect naughty behavior over and over and over and finally they go do something else, I thought that would be the case here.

Needless to say the child is running around in her diaper right now. Right before supper I figured what the hey. It was warm in the house as I had the oven and the stove top going and we were having rice anyway. If you've ever watched a toddler feed herself rice, you can understand why I just left her diapered and nothing more.

Besides, they are SO cute that way!!

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