Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stellar Day

Who could ask for more, really?

Had a nice discussion with the optomatrist regarding my son's glasses that are on back order until 10/22. The kid has headaches becaue he can't see. They said that sure I could get a different pair under warranty- but I would still have to fork over $110 for the lenses, because they aren't under warranty.

Okeeey dokey. I politely asked them to give me his Rx so I could take it over to the Evil Empire across the street where I can get a complete pair for half that.

Went to HHS today and got all informed about having my home daycare. Thankfully I don't have to have the smoke detectors installed before I open for business and there are grants out there to help with that (phew!). Now on to doing a little work on my contracts and forms, and then I need clients! Please pray for me that I get good families that will stick around. I think that will be the hardest part - getting attached to the little guys and then they leave.

My little one had her own shake from McDonald's tonight. I had a diet pop again - even though it was against my better judgement... but we had Arby's for dinner to - so I didn't need the extra calories.

AWANA was so fun tonight. I'm so glad I'm a leader again this year. I really missed it when I quit after Christmas last year. Sometimes you just have to decide when enough is enough. My son told me that he put in a prayer request for me with his group. He told them that my belly was bloated and hurt me nearly every day and that the Doctor was going to slice into it next week. Kids!

We had some time to kill before church and were on the south side of town so we stopped into Shopko. I have been looking for some long sleeved t shirts to bridge the gap between summer and winter and lo and behold they were having a One Day only 50% off on some shirts I just looked at on Monday and didn't get because they weren't on sale. Thank you Lord! I'm a little hard on clothes, so I don't like to spend much on my every day stuff.

So a really great day and all that was missing was my Husband...where oh where is that man?

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