Thursday, September 25, 2008

Social Class

Husband and I recently started taking a class on the book Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby. I really signed up because of the social aspect. I thought it would be something good for us to do without the kids and that we could maybe learn something from it. David is such a good student. He does his homework and pays attention in class. I don’t do so well in a classroom setting. I really try to do my homework and can’t sit still in class.

Most of the time I read our study book with a certain amount of skepticism. This author definitely has Scripture to back up the 7 principles that he is trying to get across. But some of his underlying assertions I read and say “how do you know?” I have the old “what makes you know how to tell me what God wants” thing going on. And like I said, if you can back it up with solid Biblical proof – I’m all about it. But most of it just seems like self help ho-ha.

Well, last night I actually was doing my homework when I came across this statement – paraphrased –You can choose to live for time or for eternity. If you live for time, you will allow your past to shape you. If you live for eternity, you will allow yourself to be shaped by God’s future for you and the person he is helping you to be.

This really grabbed me. How often to I act the way that I do because I have simply gotten used to acting that way? I even give myself an out for cursing and being harsh because (insert past life experience here). I guess I hadn’t ever paid any attention to this concept before.

If I lived looking toward what God is making me to be – wow. Always keeping my eyes on my fullest potential, never letting any of my mistakes bring me down. How much more useful could I be to furthering the Kingdom and how much happier would I be. That is really quite interesting to me. I am overall a pretty happy gal. My son says I’m grumpy sometimes, but that’s just “Mom Fatigue”.

Guess there’s more to taking that class that getting to sit next to hubby for an hour afterall!

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