Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Let's Pray

People say “all we can do is pray”. But I think we should say “what we can do is pray”. Prayer is powerful. We are petitioning the God of the Universe who loves us. That’s pretty big.

Something happened to my daughter at school yesterday. There was an incident of “show me yours and I’ll show you mine” that happened due to a lapse in supervision. Also, my daughter indicated that she complied for fear of getting in trouble. It sounds like she had been not getting along with this little boy and was instructed to be his friend. She didn’t want him to tell the teacher that she wasn’t complying (ie being his friend).

My daughter is not an angel. She gets in trouble enough on her own. I can see why she didn’t want to bring any more punishment her way. She was not forced and did not touch anyone. We are talking about First Graders here!

I am FREAKING OUT on the inside and trying to remain as cool as possible on the inside. It doesn’t seem like she is traumatized or anything. She did try to lie to me about it and the principal as well. But I can tell when she’s lying and I know how to get the truth. I have to separate that child from their siblings, go into a room by ourselves and shut the door. Normally, I will sit on the floor or prop up on one hand on the bed or something to make them fell comfortable.

Then the truth comes out. After we talked, we prayed. For the little boy, for the principal and of course for Dear Daughter. We prayed for healing, forgiveness and thanked God for his grace and provision. We used First Grader words, but you get the idea.

I spoke to the principal and he is going to talk to the teacher, the other students parents etc. and get back to me. I want to scream and go kick somebody’s ass to be quite frank. However, I made sure that the principal knew that we didn’t want to place blame or be part of the problem. We want to learn from this and move on. I do want the other child to not be sitting next to my child from here on out and told A not to play with him on the playground.

I gotta remember that what man intends for evil the Lord uses for good. I’ll keep an eye on her for signs that she is being continually abused or that this has traumatized or affected her. For now we will chalk it up as a teachable moment and move on as best we can.

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