Sunday, September 14, 2008

Forget About Your Plans

I spend alot of time planning. I plan meals a whole week in advance, I plan our finances for years in advance (still chipping away at that debt), a plan birthday parties, get togethers, and Sunday School lessons. I try to plan my day so I can get in a little exercise, some Bible study and maybe even some recreational reading or blogging.

And most of the time I ask God what he thinks about my plans. I care about what He thinks, really I do. In the morning while I am brushing my teeth and deciding what I am going to do with my day I tell God all about it. I have it all laid out and just slide the paperwork accross his desk for notary.


All this time I have been a Christian (3 whole years!) I have known the benefit of seeking God's will for my life. I know that to understand what He's trying to tell me I need to stay rooted in His word, surround myself with Biblical teaching and friends that can help point me in the right direction and PRAY. But recently I learned a new spin on this. Seeking God's will for my life minus the "for my life" part.

I concentrate so hard on what He wants me to do, where, when, how, with whom, how long, what for - on and on and on, ME ME ME. I forget to trust God and just know that he's got the details covered. I tend to think that if I know the Ten Commandments and are making an attempt to follow those in my daily life I am doing God's will - so what's next? I move on to quickly and don't focus.

Bottom line I'm so darn concerned about the "my life" part of that sentence that I forget that the most important part is God's will. I need to stop making plans and running them past Him and start listening and then making plans.

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