Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Under Attack

Okay, I'm convinced. I am under attack. I hate to complain...however.

Today I have the kind of migraine that makes you think you are going insane. I am light and sound sesitive and nearly went into a siezure from the stupid ad banner flashing at the top of this page.

I had my "review" today. For those of you in professional positions or positions with real bosses you might think of different things when you think of your review. For me - it's a little sit down session where my boss thanks me for putting up with him for another year, tells me I am excellent accept for my attendance and gives me a nice little pay increase.

Only this year there was no increase. I understand. I am okay with that. They have to give the the guys in the field the money so that they don't quit. They have worked with me on my scheduling and let me work 7-3 instead of 8-5 so that we can save on daycare. So that's like a raise in itself.

I only wish that it hadn't been preceeded by this:

My Boss: I haven't done your review yet, because you do some work for The Controller, so I thought maybe he should do your review.

Me: Oh, okay I understand.

My Boss: Well, he said that you only do a few things for him, and if you only did a few things for me then I better find out what you are doing all day...

Me: Stunned silence...

My Boss: So, could you write down what it is that you DO do all day and hand that in. Then we'll decide who you work more for and that person will do your review.

Me: Jumping over the desk and screaming "Are you kidding me what do you THINK I do all day??!!".

Okay, that last part wasn't entirely accurate. I just went ahead and wrote it all out (not the first time). See, I tend to be a bit of a "here Andrea, will you help out with this" kind of worker. "Duhh...Okay!" My job has become less and less of what it once was, and more and more of a catch all position so no one person sees the direct result of my efforts.

Also, I might feel better about no more money if they remembered Secretary's Day for once! Every year they forget. Then someone remembers, they say that they'll "have to get together and do something" for it and never do. They took the whole office out for lunch this year, on a day I was gone.

Enough complaints. Last night Alahnnah and I had the best night in a long time. She helped me make dinner and laid down with me before bed and I got all the hugs and little kissys I could handle. What a beautiful little girl and what a nice thing for me! Her and I go round and round. We are cut from the same stubborn, willful, pridefull cloth.

But last night was so sweet. I'm going to hold that close and let it infuse me with peace and joy today. Everything else is just incidental, so there.

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