Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Thanks But No Thanks

The weird dreams can stop now. I'm so tired this morning becasue I wasn't sleeping last night, I was fighting!

Last night I dreamed that instead of changing the baby, I just would change the whole bottom half of her. So instead of grabbing the diaper to throw away after I was done, I grabbed a butt and a set of legs. I was thinking "how do I know they will grow back?" So wierd.

Also, The Ex showed up in my dreams again. This time it wasn't good. Normally he just floats through, but this time was ugly. Yesterday I had to do a bit of damage control over the phone with him. There were some papers that needed to be completed for the adoption. Apparantly when the petition was submitted to the State, Vital Stats had changed thier requirements and needed one more form.

So, of course, he was irritated and confused about why he was having to sign more paperwork and have it notaraized. At this point I think he thought that we were trying to pull one over on him. So, The Holy Spirit took over my mouth and spoke through me - with love and compassion and patience. I explained the best I could, then called my attorney, then called him back. He signed the papers, felt okay about it and we even chatted for a couple minutes. It seems he is having some health problems, so I made sure to pray for him for that.

Yesterday, this kid I know at work was just telling me that he passed on some of "my advice". I was a little worried as to what "pearl of wisdom" he had gleaned from this screwed up sinner.

Forgiveness. He had shared a situation regarding a relationship a few weeks ago and I had shared what the Bible says about forgiveness. I guess I didn't think he was really listening. (!)

But he was and has even passed this solid Truth on to another buddy of his. When he related that yesterday I immediately thought of The Ex and all the years it took to truly forgive him.

Wow, my experiences are being used to further the Kingdom! I am humbled and also a little relieved. While I know that I go through nothing for nothing, it's hard to see concrete evidence sometimes as to how God will use it for His good.

Wierd dreams notwithstanding, I had a great day yesterday. Oh! Also, I am helping another woman build her home business! I am so excited for her and feel so wonderfully useful to be her personal mentor and guide. I thought building my own business was! This is tons better yet!!

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