Thursday, August 21, 2008

Should Be Doing Something

guess I should be doing something other than putzing around on the computer. I have leads that really need calling... My brain feels like bread pudding. Today I made it through the day by the sheer will of God and some trust and stubbornness on my part.

Right now I am listening to the kids fight in the girls' room. The baby is screaming non stop now because she just gets into everything!! Consequently I tell her no constantly. Tonight she learned to climb the steps and pinced her fingres in the dresser drawers! Oh boy, poor baby!

I am also listening to my son complain... about EVERYTHING! He is whining about doing the dishes, about sitting down about standing up - sheesh! He's mad at me. I decided that he can't go over to his friends house anymore. I like the kid - but his mom smokes in the house and they are allowed to play video games that I don't like Liam to play.

He went over there several times this summer, I was sort of on the fence. I mean, you can't shelter them from everything, right? But I think I made the right decision, as he came home this afternoon and told me that this kids' dad is in jail now. Yikes.

Well, anyway. Tomorrow is Friday. I am having coffee with a friend on Saturday morning and lots of Husband time the rest of the weekend. Yahoo and Hooray!

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