Friday, August 29, 2008

On My Mind

There is a topic that is on my mind lately. A friend of my on MySpace posted new pictures of her and one of her friends living it up at a bar/club/can't tell. They appear to be impared and there are photos of one of them with her head up the shirt of another chick.

Hmmmm. Now, let me qualify this by saying I am not "judging" as I have no qualification or desire to do that. I am, however, concerned when I see people being "happy". For me, happiness doesn't include a hangover, or going somewhere where I have to compare my 30 something body with the 20 somethings.

And maybe I just want to stir the pot, open that can or worms, or rock the boat. I'm kind of that way. Either way, let's discuss.

Maybe the whole bar scene is okay when your in your 20's. But by the time you are in your 30's it's just kind of sad. I couldn't help but think about these women's kids when I was looking at these pictures of them drinking and acting like idiots. Both of them have sons - are they the kind of women they would want thier sons to marry? And would they even want thier sons to see these pictures?

I feel like I'm in the minority of women my age. My desire to stay home and care for my family and home is a bygone notion. I have no desire to be a carreer woman or climb the corporate ladder. I have three children and would like more. I take pride in feeding my family healthy and tasty meals, and when my bathroom is clean it makes me smile.

So what's the fascination? Is it another example of the God shaped hole in the hearts of men and women in thier 30's that are looking for happiness in the bars? Is it simply boredom, or lack of motivation to do anything but what they've always done? Am I a touch envious that some get "time off" and I don't?

Probably a little of all of the above.

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