Friday, August 15, 2008

Lonely Friday

Tonight will be different when I get home. Used to be that David was off on Fridays and I looked forward to getting off work and going home to him. ***Sigh*** Tonight it will be just like every other weekday.

Me: Hi. When did Susan go down?

Him: Hi honey, oh about 20 minutes ago.

Me: Great, how was your day?

Him: Pretty good, tired though.

Me: Oh man, I know babe - me to. (Big hugs, nice smoochy smoochy)

Him: Have a good night.

Me: You too, honey - I love you!

Sad looks all the way around and waves bye-bye.

And that's it for the whole day. Wash, rinse, repeat. Until tomorrow when I get to TALK to my husband! And I'm so excited too! We are driving back to his families' neck of the woods for a visit. And I would gladly give up Friday night for Sunday all day! Woo hoo! It will be so nice to get out of town and have some drive time and talk time.

Tonight I'm trying to get creative...methinks it's time for the girls and I to break out the hot rollers and the foot bath and play Beauty Shop! Maybe Liam will let us put makeup on him...or maybe I'll hold him down and let Alahnnah do it anyway! HAHAHA!!

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