Friday, August 8, 2008

Letting Off Steam

am low down in the dumps depressed today. I am so out of patience with the Saga of the Hand, I could scream.

It started in June. They thought I sprained it and put a splint on it. Then they started treating me for gout, then it was off to a rhuemetologist and a shot in the butt of cortizone, which started my hand on fire as soon as I left the office.

The next day I saw a surgeon, the day after that surgery to drain a pocket of staph infection, an overnight stay in the hospital with complications, allergic reactions, and pain that wouldn't stay under control.

Then it was whirlpool treatments and packing and unpacking the wound every day for two weeks. I had to be heavily drugged and it hurt so bad I screamed the first two times. Another horrible allergic reaction to the antibiotic, a different antibiotic ($250 a bottle) side effects from being on pain meds for to long.

The incision finally healed up and we were on the good path. Then things started to get bad again. I spent all week this week trying to be seen, telling them it was swollen, red and very painful, burning, throbbing, itching. No one would listen to me. I finally was seen yesterday.

NOW I am being referred to an Infectious Disease doctor who can't see me for another 10 days. They changed my antibiotic once again and, with a subsequent "not my problem anymore" shoulder shrug, sent me on my way.

I'm mad. I'm frustrated. I have come to the end of the line with my trust, patience, and tolerance. Pray for me today, and pray for those around me.

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