Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Getting There

Well, while getting up at 5am seems a little crazy at first, it's really going pretty well. Monday I did some treadmilling for about 45 minutes, yesterday I did one of my exercise tapes for strength training and then today it was back on the treadmill. I was about to say that it's the only time I get that is kid-free, but then I remembered that Alahnnah was up with me this morning. I tucked her in next to David and she went back to sleep.

I was listening to Back to the Bible this morning for a while and they were talking about the confession of sin. Jesus taught in the New Testament that if you sin against someone you should go to them and confess your sin. What they were saying on the radio was that, Biblically, if you sin agains many - you should confess to many.

They gave an example of a man, who in his youth, visited Austrailia. While he was there he stole a boomarang from a historical display. Twenty years later, God pressed apon this man to confess his sin. So, he wrote a letter to the Mayor of the town that he stole it from. He included his contact information in the letter. The mayor of the town showed mercy and didn't persue this man because of his honesty and his willingness to confess.

That got me thinking about my own sin. I have been able to control my mouth lately, but I still think like a sailor. And I'm really not to good and telling God about it. Even though he knows about it - it's no good to just leave it like that. I need to start taking an inventory at the end of the day and analyzing the thoughts I have had. Are they as good as my actions? Or do they need a little work? Have I offended God in my thoughts by thinking bad things about his other children?

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