Wednesday, August 20, 2008


A couple of months ago I wrote a blog entitled "I Can Do Whatever I Want". I have been disenchanted with my current working situation for some time, but just lack the cahones to do anything about it.

I started a home based business and am having marginal success. I believe in the company, it's founder and CEO and it's products. I have a tremendous support team and all the free training I can handle.

But I'm tired. It will take approximately another year to build my business to the point where I can do it alone and discontinue working outside the home. That's not very long! But it is when you have a full time job and three kids to boot.

Maybe I'm just going through a funk. I get tired and things get out of focus. I had a wonderful weekend last weekend, but it was majorly depleting in a physical sense. I'm weary and I miss my husband so bad! If I could only find a way to work from home soon so he could work a normal shift. I hate not seeing each other all week... we're newlyweds for Heaven's sake!

I also have a bad taste in my mouth from my last review. I have been mildly annoyed with the situation at work since I returned from maternity leave a year ago. Things have seemed "weird" to me. Lots of closed doors, secret meetings that last for hours...dunno, maybe it's me and how I precieve things.

To be honest, I came home today and told my husband that I didn't want to go back to my job anymore. I want to start a home daycare. I want to get licensed and have a pre-school program for 2 or 3 and then one more baby besides my own. I have had this thought for some time, but it's not something that one just blurts out!

I love my other business and plan to continue to maintain my customer base. I would like to obtain just one more customer so that I can get my raise. But I am looking seriously into having a home daycare. I have a good business sense, I am organized, I am a CPR/First Aid instructor, I have experience caring for children, I have the desire to teach and I really love to be important to children.

I don't care about making a million dollars, buying a new house or car or anything like that. I just need to make what I'm making now and that would be okay. I'm sick of going to a place where I am unappreciated and pouring my heart into my work and then coming home and giving my family whatever is left.

Besides, I can do whatever I want!

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