Monday, June 16, 2008

Man Oh Man!

I'm trying to be more manly today. I decided that there was much merit in the way my husbands mind works. He is able to do one thing (yes, that's right only one) at a time. He is much calmer than I am most of the time and seems to do what he does rather well and much more thoroughly than I do.

Example: Cleaning the kitchen - my husband does the dishes, dries them all and puts them away. He wipes off the counters, cleans the coffee pot and wipes down the stove, making sure to take off the little burner thingys and get under there. When he's done, it looks great!

Me - I fill the sink with water and put in all the dishes that will fit. While that's filling, I go grab a load of laundry. On the way back by, I turn off the sink and go put the laundry in. While I'm downstairs I notice that the trash needs to be dumped in the laundry room. I don't grab it becasue my hands are full of a basket that just came out of the drier. I bring that upstairs and the trash downstaris reminds me of the recycling that needs to be separated. I do the recycling and come back to the dishes.

I get a few of them washed and rinsed and relize that the pot of water I'm boiling for dinner is ready. Boil noodles, chop vegis, fry meat, come back to sink. Do another sinkful of dishes, remember trash downstairs. Go downstairs, realized laundry needs changing again. Start to fold clothes, but see stupid trash overflowing. Remember about pot boiling on the stove. Dash upstairs to finish dinner. Plate food, finish washing dishes, leave to air dry. Swipe counters real quick and put forth minimal effort with a broom before serving dinner.

Okay. So I did 12 things in the same amount of time, but did nothing very well OR all the way through. So it is my eadavor this week, to think more like my sweet husband and try to do one thing at a time.

Now what was I doing...

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