Monday, June 30, 2008

I Wish I May

I realy wish I was the type of person that was shy. I sometimes think at how much easier my life would be if I was one of those cute little women who waited to speak until spoken to. Who never offer thier opinion and keep largley to themselves unless drawn into the conversation.

Well, I'm not. I offer my opinion, make jokes, initiate conversation and generally like to be in the spot light. While I don't feel that I am overbearing or obnoxious (hmm...note to self: ask others about that) I do think that sometimes I say to much. As I get more mature, I see the merit in choosing my words and editing my responses - especially when emailing. That Send button can be killer.

I frequent an online community that recently hosted a question that made me want to pick up my computer and smash it on the ground. This question (posed by the creator of the site but not actually asked by her) can be viewed here.

"Would You Hire a Plus Size Nanny"

Not only was I dissapointed and disgusted by the thought that some little size 0 with her first crack at motherhood, er someone woman, would be ignorant and prejudiced enought to pose the question; I have since been dissapointed at the lack of response by the community. I don't know if the question didn't run long enough to get any exposure, or if all the women on that site were just chicken.

Several years ago, I wore a size 20. I could no longer shop at most stores and had to go to a specialty shop for dress clothes and jeans that fit decently. I don't remember feeling discriminated against at the time, but after I was thinner it seemed like people were looking directly at me and talking to me again. Men were holding doors, cashiers were smiling, doctors listened to my illness and stopped blaming viruses on my obesity.

This article got me thinking about a lot of things. People that I love are obese. I know they are treated badly. It's acceptable to make fun of, ignore, or avoid people who are overweight and I think that's absolutely horrible. I was very dissapointed to see women on a supposed "professional Moms" sight entertaining such a shallow notion

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