Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Should Know Better

Why I bought white, I'll never know. Maybe cuz it goes with everything? Anyway, I bought a white t shirt on Sunday. Needed a replacement for the one I had on so I changed in the car. Much to the shock of my kids...we were far out in the parking lot and the van has tinted windows. What?

So I must've worn that shirt for all of 3 hours. I went to put it on the next day and didn't notice til I got to work that there was little orange spots on it in three places. Okay, okay, no problem.
After work, I took the kids to Super Saver to get milk (I really need to look into buying a cow - 5 gallons per week? That's like 20 bucks in just MILK!) All hail the grocery store free cookie. Chocolate with chocolate chips this time. The two older kid finished thier cookies in the store, but the baby had half left so I just put her in the car seat with it. I knew it would be messy, but so what.

Took the recycling on the way home (remembered it because there was NO room for my groceries) By the time we got home Susan had smeared chocolated cookie all over her legs, washed her hands with it and moisturized her arms and face in cocoa.
My white shirt took a hit. Not bad - I had wiped her up with an armload of baby wipes prior to getting her out of the car.

Later when I went to do laundry I thought I will pretreat this shirt while I'm at it...won't be new but might be wearable. When I started to look at it I saw that the blue popsicle I had eaten was spattered down the front. So orange "something", chocolate cookie, and blue popsicle. What am I? Five?

I pretreated with my new environmentally responsable, economically sensible, all recyclable bottle, laundry pre treat stuff and rolled my eyes - yah right.

Gotta say - I'm surprised. I'm really hard on a white shirt. But it came out of the dryer looking like it did when I bought it on Sunday. Yay! Poor shirt.

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