Monday, May 12, 2008

Too Busy for Friends

I've been thinking lately about what happens when you are to busy for friends. I am embarrassed to say that a friend called me two weeks ago and I haven't called her back yet. I think about her, I read her blog and check her "space" but I haven't made time to call her.

Sad, really. I miss my friends, I really do. I think about them all the time. D has a teenaged daughter that I'm interested in how she's doing and a little guy getting ready to enter Kindergarten in the fall. A is pregnant with baby number two and actually called me earlier...I missed the call - I was folding laundry in the other room.

Why am I blogging rather than calling a friend. Well, it's simple really. I am seated at the dining room table on the laptop. The baby is in the highchair to my right finishing up some finger food. My 6 year old is seated to my left doing her best to finish her dinner to secure a treat later. Directly ahead of me is my 9 year old who is playing some sort of battle game and telling me about school today.

I can do all this and type. I always have that "inner dialogue" going on anyway, so why not let it out? My brain works hyper time all the time. Ever see the movie "Real Genius"? I'm that chick that never sleeps because she's hyperkinetic - only I have to sleep and I'm really not a genius.
So I feel bad. The most I get for conversation time is a brief 5 or 10 minutes on the phone before the bottom drops out and somebody is crying. Anybody who emails, texts or blogs I have a connection with. Anybody who doesn't, I don't.

I have a friend that says that she is to busy to get on the internet. She stays home and has one 16 month old. Now, I can see money being short, sanity for sure - but time? I guess sometimes I feel like my friends with a little more time ont thier hands would call me once in a while.
Maybe I'm confused, maybe I'm just whining, maybe I'm crazy. Okay, I'm sure I'm crazy. While my online friends are nice, I miss the real ones.

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