Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Well, I'm going to break my tradition of excellence in blogging and go for a topic that makes my 4th graders gaffaw...slobber.

Sometimes when little kids sleep, they drool a little and they wake up with it all sort of dried to thier face. A chalky white line outlines where the slobber ebbed and flowed with the deep respiration of sleep.

It's kind of cute, really. The wake up and use the back of thier hand to wipe it away, mash a fist in each eye and stumble out of thier room anxious to meet the day.

I've been short on sleep lately. Okay, for a couple of years now, but that's not the point. The point is when I do sleep, I sleep HARD. I normally begin snoring right before my head hits the pillow and when the alarm goes off it scares me so bad that I'm out of bed before I know what happened.

The other day when the alarm went off I realized that I had been sleeping face first in my pillow, arms down at my sides with my mouth hanging wide open and drooling like a champ. I'm not talking the cute little slobbers of a kid, but a river of saliva cascading down my face.
I honestly thought that I had been sweating profusely or that the glass of water next to my bed had upset and soaked me.

How sexy is that? Dang, I really miss my husband now that we work opposite shifts, but at that moment in time I was grateful for the inky black of 5am and the near comatose state of my beloved.

Maybe I was eating something really yummy in my dream. Or cooking something, or, or, I don't know maybe I was at the dentist.

Who knows. Yawn...

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