Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Dream Job

I had this really strange dream last night...I can hear my smarty-pants Husband saying "Really?"...I dream in living color and WEIRD nearly every night.

Anyway - I was dreaming that I was looking to get a job at a packing plant. I was walking accross the parking lot where everyone was getting off work and getting thier cars, motorcycles, prortable gas grills (see?) out of thier garages to drive home. I had to check in with this kindly old woman at a concession stand to get directions to HR.

When I got to HR I had to enter my info on the computer and make myself a temporary name badge just to walk in the place. All the people in the HR office were women with '80's hair, clothes and jewlry and they were all rushing around like they were just swamped. I was thinking "gee, I might miss my cushy office job if I work on the line, but I won't miss that stress".

I waited my turn and they called me into an office that opened up into a clearing where a Native American man in traditional clothing stood to interview me. I had to stand on a platform and as I got there a young boy was mowing the clearing with some sort of office equipment (I told you!). I tried to stand very still and there wasn't much talking.

Next thing I know, I'm in a production room with a bunch of tv monitors with the Inverviewer and he's looking at other interviews. He has this long, pink feathery thing in his hand and tells me that it is what he uses to measure people's true intentions. I felt very comfortable that I had told the truth, but realized from other times in my life where I had lied why he would need that.

Then my alarm went off...

At least I wasn't driving a house this time. They're hard to park!

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