Saturday, June 9, 2007

Blockbuster Blues

I had a hot date for tonight. I even took a little nap this afternoon so I wouldn't tire mid way. Being 36 weeks pregnant seems to be harder on the old bod this time around. I woke from an hour horizontal with my 5 year old snoozing beside me and slipped into the shower. I contemplated shaving my legs, but since hubby doesn't care and I can't see them anyway, I skipped it.

My phone rang just as I was thinking about what to wear and it seems our sitter isn't feeling well. Bummer. Her mom is my good friend and she was so apologetic! No big deal, we were just trying to squeeze in one more date before our duo of children becomes a trio. We didn't even really know where where we were going except for out to dinner. In fact - we couldn't even find a movie that we would be remotely interested in.

We decided that we would make it a family night and have a non-nurtritive feast and an at home cinematic veiwing. Driving to the video store, my husband and I talked about the money we were saving by not having the sitter and dining out - that's a plus, and we could all watch a movie together. Previously, we agreed to rent "Night at the Museum", so we just walked in and grabbed that one. But on the way in there were signs looming outside for movies like, "Saw III", "Black Dalia" and "Hannibal" that depicted very scary, bloody scenes. My 8 year old son became very disturbed by the videos at his eye level and asked to go stand by the candy at the register.

Our children are well aware of our take on mainstream media. We don't have cable tv, take a paper, or allow books or magazines that are unreviewed into our home. Not to say that some things don't ever get through, but for the most part, my husband and I don't even do any mainstream media. My son posed a question: "Mom, why do they make movies like that?". I tried the explaination that people didn't know any better. That alot of people don't know the Truth, don't read the Bible or go to church and don't know any other way to live than how they see on tv. That's why it's so important for us to spread the Good News.

My husband explained that people aren't satisfied with watching movies about normal things anymore. He relayed that people want everything to be more...more twisted, scary, wierd, or unbelievable. I thought that was a very interesting take on the subject.

So we had our frozen pizza, popcorn and for dessert - ice cream! I'm enjoying this last few weeks when my diet isn't in the forefront of my mind and I'm not worried about every single calorie. The movie was okay, the kids loved it. I got bored and was glad when it was over. The last movie I saw that I really thought was good was "Luther". It was fantastic - about the life of a monk in the 16th Century named Martin Luther. True story, even. Maybe you've heard of him.

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