Monday, August 3, 2015

Long Runs & Gold Medals

Going over a creek east of Lincoln on my mountain bike.

I don't even know where to begin with this fabulous weekend!  I love taking pictures with my phone, so I don't forget anything.  Of course only the good, weird or otherwise pleasant things get a photo op. :)

I didn't take a picture of the vomit fountain I experienced in my hands on Friday night.  Turns out my 6-year-old flew under the radar and had sugary cereal for dinner, then had a small blizzard from Dairy Queen and, well, that's a lot of sugar.  Erp.

Saturday morning I went out for my long run about 6:30.  I looked at the radar and we were in for some rain in the next thirty minutes or so, but I didn't want to wait so I went out anyway.  Sure enough, about 20 minutes later it started to sprinkle.  It wasn't bad, and even the full on rain was warm and there was no wind.  My shoes didn't even get that wet.

Camelbak + headphones
It was amazingly NOT HUMID AS HADES and I felt pretty good about my run.  Still not the solid 11:00/min miles I want, but it was still 70 degrees out there.  And hey, 9 miles is a good chunk of mileage for any runner at any pace.

I appreciate the downhills so much these days - literally and metaphorically.  Life isn't supposed to be an uphill battle all the time!

Saturday is always a busy day despite the early morning training that has to happen.  Lovely trip to Aldi for meat and grains, then a produce haul at the local co-op.  Glad that there wasn't anything terribly weird in there this time. 

Sunday.  Oh Sunday. :)

Sunday was the State Games of America Triathlon.  I participated as a team as the swimmer.  I had two very fast boys as the cyclist and the runner and guess what?
I LOVE bodymarking!!


It was a sprint tri in and around a local lake - er pond, really.  Man, that thing was stinky.  My swimming part was only 500yds and I didn't feel I did very well.  My bike crash a week ago caused me to not swim for a week and I was pretty stiff.  I wasn't panicked and felt that I swam smooth - just not terribly fast.

Good thing our cyclist and runner were SMOKIN' fast.  I've never placed in any age group or division, much less taken first place.  It was a great feeling and I got a little teary.  Thanks, guys.

Later, Sunday night, I took my daughter to a birthday party in a small town outside of Lincoln and loaded up the mountain bike to kill time.  There's a crushed limestone trail that used to be a railroad line.  It's well maintained and downright beautiful.

I rode out with the intention of going to the next town, 12 miles away.  But, in Nebraska when the sky looks like grey lemon merengue, you turn around and head back.  So, only 7 miles out and turned back, but still got a nice ride in.  It all went north of us, like I thought the radar indicated - but I didn't want to be caught out in a field all alone in a storm.

No complaints out of me for the weekend!  My littlest boy even lost his other front tooth. LOL - they look SO cute when they have the front ones missing.  Got all my meals made and ready to dump in the crock pot or pop in the over for dinner each night.  Things look pretty good with a little planning!