Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Feels Like Friday

My 13yo son and I headed to the gym this morning, and I was convinced that today was Friday.  I had my mind all set for a spin on the bike - but alas, today was Turkey Trot day!

I signed up for a virtual Turkey Trot and went ahead and did it today.  Running was a little rough this morning - I've had a virtual elephant standing on my chest this week.  All of the kids have had running noses and coughs, so yay, my turn!  I ran an easy warm up, then pushed the pace for a mile, then a mile cool down.  The chest felt opened up afterwards, and I came home and took some DayQuil right away.

I've been working on building a triathlon base for the last 8 weeks - but I have a marathon to train for first.  Our local Marathon/Half Marathon is the first week of May each year.  I've done the half twice...might be time to step it up.  Either way - more running = less swimming and biking.  I really enjoy all three disciplines.

Thanksgiving is a good time to take a look at my New Year Resolutions and figure out if I've made the cut.  For once, not bad.  Any goal I've not met, isn't for lack of trying.  Here's how my year went.

Goal #1 - Run Lincoln Half Marathon sub 2:30.  Well, I was injured in training and managed a 2:39:27 with braces on both knees.  I'll take it.  Goal #2 - Complete another round of P90X to cut 5% body fat.  Not sure where I started out with my percentage - woops - but I did do a round of INSANITY and managed to loose 2% this year, and 10lbs so far.  Meh...not spectacular, but no slouch either.

The one I can really hang my hat on is...Goal #3 - Learn to swim effectively with rotary breathing. DONE.  I have made a concentrated effort at practice and research and can actually say I am a swimmer.  I went from no skills whatsoever and an inability to swim freestyle a full 25yd lane to cranking out 100yd repeats with decent form.  

Feels good.

I did work on my posture, limiting sugar - okay I mean adding more green things but it balances out, and whittling away at this last 30lbs.  I totally changed the way I see myself in 2011, and feel more like an athlete than a couch potato.  I'm not perfect, but I have proved that a little perseverance every day can add up to a lot of change.

Time to start thinking about next years goals!  Tomorrow we feast, Friday we decorate for Jesus' Birthday, and in a short month I will turn another year older and 2011 will be a memory.